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As the founder of NANA’S BOOKS, Laurette Klier brings a wealth of experience and expertise to elder care and compassionate communication. With a lifelong commitment to teaching and caregiving, Laurette holds undergraduate and master's degrees in speech communications and education from Boston College.
A certified dementia practitioner and cognitive stimulation therapist, Laurette is dedicated to enhancing the lives of elders through innovative techniques and purposeful resources. An Aetna fellow and teacher consultant for the National Writing Project, Laurette blends academic knowledge with hands-on caregiving experience. Bring her inspiring perspective on re-imagining the culture of engagement to your community.

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Laurette Klier of NANA’S BOOKS speaks at the Nantional Society of Certified Senior Advisors Conference

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Are you creating or innovating through enrichment opportunities for older adults living with or without cognitive challenges? Do you have a platform or community that would benefit from a truly novel series of life-affirming resources designed to revive hearts and minds? Does your research go beyond cognitive stimulation to encompass social emotional health, spirituality, literature or arts-based interventions? Let's see where our work converges for the good.

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Libraries unite communities, but only when their offerings are inclusive and accessible to all. See how the power of nostalgia can invigorate your program, along with the tools and methodology to support leisure reading through a new paradigm in recreation and therapeutic engagement.

We'll evaluate your current collection and spaces to curate a tailored high-interest library and nurturing literacy environment to meet the unique needs of your readers. 

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