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"These are amazing books for use in memory care units. They validate the person with Alzheimer's and dementia, elevating them to teacher and keeper of long-held memories. These lovely books are so worthy and should be in every long term care community."

Jean Lee
Author & Co-Founder of Alz Authors

Naomi Feil headshot

"These are absolutely wonderful books that will inspire people and give them hope. The selections are wonderful, and I enjoy them with my husband, Ed, a veteran, who smiles from ear to ear and sings every song with gusto! Thank you!"

Naomi Feil MSW, ACSW
Founder, The Validation Method

Hilary Oat headshot

"Laurette Klier has captured a perfect way to connect with memories. The poetry is thoughtfully matched with art from the masters. It is beautiful to look at, read and share. The beauty of this unique compilation is its ability to trigger memories in dementia and Alzheimer's patients. It is also a perfect companion for those in hospice, to stimulate conversations and memories of a lifetime. I highly recommend these books."

Hilary Oat, Reiki Master
Barbara Brennan Institue

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"Ultimately, incorporating NANA’S BOOKS'  poetry into daily activities can help care home residents feel more connected to their carers, as well as their surroundings. It promotes mindfulness, encourages greater self-awareness, and fosters empathy and understanding among residents."

Caroline Benham
Bright Copper Kettles, CIC

"NANA'S BOOK Series fills a long overdue need to assist families, friends, and professionals by providing a new tool to engage with those living with dementia. These thoughtfully designed books for adults are filled with meaningful prose, poetry, lyrics and well known sayings; each enhanced with gorgeous photograph or artwork. These pairings spark memories for both the person with dementia and their care partner. Together they create a natural environment to trigger memories and stories from the past. In doing so, it allows both sides the opportunity to experience that sweet spot where you feel a true connection with another person; a sense of the power of simple joy which can be overwhelming on a heart level in a very good way. Kudos to Laurette Klier for her brilliant book series. I highly recommend these books which can engage all generations."

Lori La Bey
Alzheimer's Speaks

Lori LaBey headshot

"NANA'S BOOKS are such a great intervention option for those living with dementia. The books help with resident engagement, initiation, attention to task, and quality of life. I've even seen these books help spark communication via a phrase or sentence, along with facial expressions like a big smile that indicates they are thoroughly enjoying the books. It's been really amazing to see these changes as an occupational therapist who specializes in dementia care."

Mary Osborne, OTR, PAC
Your Dementia Therapist

"These looks are magic. My mom was an artist and would've loved these magnificent books. With F.T.D. and aphasia, sometimes making conversation was so stressful and having something like these books would've made all the difference in the world. We love NANA'S BOOKS! Each one is like a little treasure."

Maria Kent-Beers
Remember Me Podcast

"Thank you for these books. They are amazing; so tone responsible. It is heartwarming to see the faces of people who look like me alongside such powerful art and photography... this is a special contribution to the cognitive community and will help families looking for help connecting, eliciting feelings or just finding another way to communicate."

Jonah Francis
CEO, A Better Way
Alzheimer's Association

"What an incredible collection of books these are! I was so deeply touched by them. These would mean the world to anyone who has parents or loved ones with dementia, especially those of 'a certain age.' My mother, who was also a writer and someone who appreciated art, would have enjoyed these so much."

Ann Campanella
Author & Co-Founder of Alzheimer's Authors

"NANA’S BOOKS are a beautiful, considerate, and joyful way to enjoy a book in our Residential Assisted Living Home."

Autumn Springs Homes
Galveston, TX

A gray-haired woman in Galveston, Texas enjoys a nostalgic picture book in her assisted living facility. NANA’S BOOKS are enjoyed in communities and independently in home health care.

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