For Caregivers

Personalized Reading Experiences: In-home caregivers can provide personalized reading experiences, tailoring the content to individual preferences and comfort level.

Digital Library Convenience: A convenient option for in-home caregivers, the soothing voice-enabled poetry and content can be enjoyed independently, providing periods of respite for families.

Alleviating Loneliness: On-hand companion books alleviate feelings of isolation and provide a source of joy through familiar imagery and shared reading experiences.

Enhanced Conversations: Rich content sparks meaningful conversations and new opportunities for dialogue, enhancing the overall caregiving experience.

Cognitive and Social Benefits: Beyond cognitive stimulation, NANA'S BOOKS contribute to quality of life by easing socialization.

Flexible Handling: For many, a kinesthetic experience of handling print books, creates a comforting ritual of turning pages, engaging the hands, mind, and heart in a holistic manner.

Support for Busy Caregivers: Simple and accessible, our carefully crafted content and ease of integration can add a new daily ritual for independent reading, listening and 'browsing'.

Enriching Daily Life: A little library enriches daily life for elders, creating moments of joy, reflection, and connection every single day.

Remote Family Connection: The books serve as a bridge to remote family members  and connects through virtual sharing.

NANA'S BOOKS are advertisement-free!

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Two older adults sharing a bespoke book for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. A man and a woman’s hands are shown, as they share a traditional Gospel poem, ‘Honey in the Rock.’

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