Senior Living's Beloved Adaptive Award-Winning Library

Meaningful connections for residents, easy engagement for communities, families and clinicians.

A young African American man in a red sweatshirt smiles as he unpacks a clear tote of Nostalgic Holiday books to share with a loved one in long term care. He is bald and sits contentedly near a brick fireplace.

Resources for Residential Care

  • Joyful Engagement: Spark joy through adaptive nostalgic books, and reignite the love of reading in elders.
  • Meaningful Interactions: Empower residents to connect with their pasts, through familiar favorites in adaptive formats, and facilitate meaningful interactions with nostalgic texts and new friends.
  • Community Building: Build bridges between residents and staff through shared stories, values, and moments of reflection.
  • Quality of Life: Enable residents to re-engage with their core selves. NANA'S BOOKS significantly enhance the overall quality of life within the care environment by giving books back to readers.
  • Caregiver Resource: Support staff with an on-hand, trusted and vetted tool to engage residents at any stage, at any time.
  • Tools for Autonomy: Respect preferences through an array of high-interest books for diverse elders. Our series promotes autonomy, allowing for personal choice and self-selection to affirm identity.
  • Staff Burden Relief: Alleviate staff burden with a truly autonomous, self-directed, anytime activity to re-engage residents with themselves, and their communities. Our voice-enabled poetry is a beloved community-wide daily ritual for residents and staff alike. 


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