Re-Ignite A Love of Reading

We offer carefully crafted nostalgic books for people with cognitive changes and their communities.

Do You Need Help Communicating with Your Loved One or Community Members?

  • Do you struggle to find activities that truly engage them? 
  • Are you tired of one-sided conversations that leave you both feeling frustrated?
  • Would you like to facilitate authentic, meaningful interactions?      

You Can Build Profound Bonds Without The Strain!

Reconnect through our nostalgic, considerately designed books.


A smiling woman with a sweatsuit and glasses reads a book with her niece who is laughing. The are reading a book of Haiku. NANA’S BOOKS are for people living with dementia. Dementia friendly reading

Welcome to NANA'S BOOKS

We are on a mission to provide elevated, high-interest books to elders; readers and listeners in life review, living with and without cognitive challenges.

Truly person-centered, NANA'S BOOKS utilize resonant large-format imagery and familiar verse to cue long-held memories.

NANA'S BOOKS use nostalgic moments on the road of life to re-activate 'core selves' and deeply meaningful conversation.


An older woman with dementia reading NANA’S BOOKS with her granddaughter on Emmanuel College’s campus. NANA’S BOOKS are for people living with dementia.

Our Companion Books Unite Generations with Nostalgic Art and Literature 

We believe that books have the power to connect hearts and minds, and build communities.

Our books are an invitation for people of all ages and cognitive abilities to feel seen and heard, valued and understood.

Just as bedtime stories and lullabies welcome the very young into the human community, poetry, prayer, and prose invite elders back with the comforting sights and sounds of the past.


 A young male caregiver holds a tote full of NANA’S BOOKS. He is wearing a red sweatshirt. NANA’S BOOKS are for people living with dementia.

We Put Dignified Adaptive Reading at Your Fingertips

Busy care partners know how hard it can be to engage people living with expressive language challenges.

Our extensive collection of 2000 pieces of unique content goes anywhere you do.

From restaurants, to medical appointments, air travel to home and residential care, NANA'S BOOKS puts the power of 40 books and 12 Café Readers' conversation starters in easy reach, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We Are In the Spirit

At NANA'S BOOKS. We understand the elemental nature of faith and the life of the spirit. Our non-pharma approach to wellness has spiritual inspiration at its heart.  

With books to celebrate every faith tradition with redolent nature, soaring vistas, iconography, touchstones, and nostalgic holiday traditions, our collection awakens the spirit within.


Our Books Affirm Faith
A book of Hymns for people living with Alzheimer’s dementia, featuring a little girl feeding a lamb. There is an alabaster lamp and a vase full of daffodils and jonquils. Memory care books for people living with dementia.

Let the Healing Begin!

Get the books and memberships below and watch your loved one and community thrive and enjoy themselves each and every day!

(You will, too!)


This is an image of an older woman reading. She has three silver rings on and is reading a charming book about birds. She is enjoying NANA’S BOOKS, designed with care for people living with memory loss and dementia.

Make Every Visit Count

This is a basket of NANA’S BOOKS, designed for people living with dementia. the first book in front is a book of Jewish Proverbs and there is a round cut crystal bowl full of red tea roses in the basket to bring on connected visits. NANA’S BOOKS are faith-based and many have a spiritual focus.

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 Smiling older woman sitting next to a lemon tree and reading on a tablet. She has on a tan sweater. NANA’S BOOKS help her to read independently, as they are considerately-formatted, large print books which support reminiscence.

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