For Memory Cafés

Welcome to a world where Memory Cafés, whether in virtual or in-person spaces, are transformed into vibrant hubs of connection and engagement, courtesy of NANA’S BOOKS. Our latest offering, the Café Reader, is a monthly digital booklet filled with delightful seasonal themes that serve as conversation starters, fostering new connections and shared experiences.

Picture a gathering where attendees can seamlessly learn, share, and co-attend, with each month bringing a fresh, thematic spark to the table. Our digital library, now boasting 40 diverse thematic titles, adds an extra layer of creativity and joy to these gatherings. No need for shopping or extensive research – the verses and imagery are right there, ready to elevate each memory café experience.

Coordination and hosting become a breeze, turning every session into a memorable occasion. As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to reach out for a $100 coupon towards a one-year Memory Café membership. Let's transform your Memory Café into a dynamic space where shared stories, laughter, and the love for literature come together effortlessly.

Make every virtual and in-person visit count!

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